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  6. I did these last year and they turned out great! I guess I need to get to work on getting just the right photo so I can begin selecting designs. Where has this year gone? I can hardly believe it is time to start thinking about stuff like this!Jennifer

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  14. I love these kinds of posts. I love reading about how other people make this decision. I was on the fence about when to have a third until a surprise pregnancy (and subsequent miscarriage) threw me into wanting a third RIGHT NOW. And now here I am halfway through this pregnancy, and I’m a little nervous how it will be in March when this third baby gets here. But I’m also sure three isn’t going to be the end. My husband isn’t as sure as I am, but he isn’t against having more either. I wonder though how I’m going to know when we’re “done” for sure. 

  15. I went to school with Jennie and I have to tell you that she is just as amazing as she ever was. She truly was, is and always will be one awesome woman! You kick butt Jennie!

  16. Love all the stitching in here! The colors are gorgeous and I love how "full" this is with the gorgeous flowers! Wow! I always love seeing what you are up to!Blessings,Michelle

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  33. I liked 7d – mostly because I’d had a rant about ‘more authors, not read any of hers blah blah moan moan etc.’ … and then realised that it didn’t matter. Setter leads 1-0.I probably should read more, instead of spending time playing word games…

  34. Thanks for all of your kind comments :)Esz… That's a tough one to answer. Here? Packing up for another adventure in a different country? A farmhouse in Vermont? I do hope another love is in the cards. I miss having a partner in crime, but I will be picky, and I hope for someone who shares my dreams and can handle my restless spirit. We'll see if the universe can provide :) For the most part though, I'm quite content where I am, the next phase will come when it's ready.One thing is for sure, this license process is killing me :(~ Sage

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