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  1. As soon as I iniilalty commented I clicked on the Notify me any time new comments are added checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four messages with the identical comment.

  2. Leanne, the images you capture are simply beautiful. You have a natural born gift,and I thank you for sharing it with all of us on here.I adore Melbourne,and although I currently do not live there at the moment,and day dream about moving there (eventually!),your images make me feel as though I am there and do truly inspire me. I wish you all the best,and a Merry Christmas!

  3. Nadji, thank you for your introduction that is full of truth to think about! I share the same hope with you and look forward for a better world for everyone. I just love your white chocolate mousse! You always have the best touch for an elegant dessert! Bravissima!!!!

  4. I’m surprised at how new many of these albums are. I don’t think that I could pick something that has been out less than, maybe 4 years. It’s got to be something that, for me, has stood the test of time.

  5. உணர்ச்சி à®®ிகுந்த பாடல் பிà®°ின்சு. இந்தப் பாடலைக் கேட்குà®®்போது பாரதிதாசனின் "பூட்டிய இருப்புக்கூட்டின் கதவு திறந்தது, சிà®±ுத்தையே வெளியில் வா" பாடலுà®®் ஞாபகம் வருà®®்!

  6. No, pakottavathan monet koulut oppilaansa tutustumaan « vieraisiin uskontoihin ». Hieman blogauksen aihetta sivuten ja aasinsiltojen kautta kuitenkin omaan kokemukseeni nojaten kristinuskon piirissä on kuitenkin pitäydytään lähes poikkeuksetta ja esimerkiksi satanismi, scientologia, pastafarismi ja wiccalaisuus loistavat poissaolollaan tai leimataan surutta vääriksi uskonnoiksi vaikenemalla.Kristinuskolla on ikävä monopoliasema, mitä tulee esimerkiksi koulujärjestelmän tunnustukselliseen uskonnopetukseen. Veikkaan, että wiccalaisuus ja pastafarismi kiinnostaisivat nuorisoa enemmän kuin vallitseva nykytila, homeinen jeesustelu siis.

  7. Johann, thanks for the compliments! True that the test fleet sometimes fly more than two flights a day but the average you see is the average per flight. The average flight time has been actually decreasing over the months that I've been tracking (from 3.79 hours in Dec. to 2.91 hours in March). I'm hoping that the average flight hours will increase once the TIA is issued.

  8. I have just heard some great news , that nectar of the Gods , Goose Island beer ( from Chicago )is imported into Britain . This is surely the finest beer that I have ever tasted ; Sam Adams is not too bad though .

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  10. Interesting. I had a chat about Tamiflu with my brother (he’s a doctor) last week. In his opinion it is a very good drug but it has to be taken in a very specific window of time. Take it too early or too late and it won’t help you.

  11. I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

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  14. abusers repeat their violent crimes against helpless animals — and often go on to victimize people as well..!Moreover, animals are created by God and we have to respect them and take care of them

  15. Maybe you should focus your energy on not fucking over the average user instead of trying to get us to join your facebook page under the guise of some stupid little game.

  16. I haven’t even watched Revolution, but I’m willing to bet it’ll be another Heroes, where it’s super popular at first and then it hits a plateau, and then it crashes and burns. I don’t know, I just get that feeling.At least Ben & Kate is hanging in there. That show has grown on me.

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  18. Jotack det är ju bra med teorier och filmer och böcker och marknadsföring, men var finns folk som har lyckats "bota" diabetes med ovanstÃ¥ende metoder??? Man borde ju kunna hitta Ã¥tminstonde ett forum med kommentarer och exempel… men nä…Det saknas bÃ¥de studier och dessutom anekdoter!!! Not good.

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  22. Concordo a 200%!!! Desde que haja a amor tudo se consegue… Se fosse a pensar assim nunca seriamos pais, se virmos que o nosso pais está sempre em crise…bjs*

  23. Not to get ahead of things, but no, she is totally dead. No vampire Gran. And they think that it wasn’t Gran the killer was after–it was probably Sookie, because she’s been hanging around with Bill. Sookie-Jason drama ensues.

  24. ihana! ja wau mikä leimakuva! <3 vähän kesti mun vastata sun kysymykseen mutta niistä mun kortin numeroista –> oon itse leikannut ne vapaalla kädellä kartongista ja reiät keskelle olen tehnyt rei´ittäjällä 😀 en käytä stansseja tms 😀

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  26. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  27. These are so cute! Can I ask how old Emmy was when you introduced Finn to the household? We're thinking about getting a kitten in the spring, but we're wondering how our older cat (13 and a boy) would feel about that.

  28. Damn, I wish I could think of something smart like that!

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  30. My problem was a wall until I read this, then I smashed it.

  31. Chris, be careful with that wide brush. I happen to be one of those Hispanics in the southwest, but I understand the anger. I can’t apologize for the shortsightedness of other people, but let’s be honest. They exist in every race.

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  33. QT kicks off as expected with Leveson. Sodding hell they’ve let Dimblebore into Wales?Journalists listen to Celebs voicemail, HUGE problem.BBC shits on Lord macalpine, pays him £185,000, will be ignored?   13 likes

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  35. They should be impeached, but that option is not available in Ontario, it is in British Columbia as they have done it, most US states have that option.Ontario is scared to put that option on the ballot, as many Mayors would get the boot ASAP.Why doesn’t the next party go to the Lieutenant General the Queens Rep, and ask for a dissolution of parliament or the right to rule.

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  47. Awww…my husband and I were heading to The Cove for your concert. We were planning to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary worshipping with you! We are from upstate, SC. We just got a dusting of snow. Oh well…next time!!!psCome to upstate, SC sooooooon!!!

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  51. holding you and giving you strength and love Lori <3 xxx hope you do get some restful sleep soon((HUGS)) babe xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  53. Amazing! Love the simplicity of your outfit! Have been eyeing up those Weekday shoes for weeks! They look perfect. Also love your necklace…So wish I could have made it out for Berlin Fashion Week! Can't want to see more photos! xx

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  65. Sini: on tosiaan, erilainen teekulttuuri kuin täällä meillä litrahuulilla. Tosin mä kyllä rakastan myös niitä Arabian jättimukejani : ) Me ostettiin oikein 6 lasia että voi joskus pitää vallan teekutsut… :)

  66. They get through the spambot button, GASP, Akismet and the two other filters. Most of the new ones are actually human bots. The last three have left C/P comments but made the mistake of leaving them on different posts on different days. My guess is they have no idea I can see their IP addresses and can statistically project when their next comment will appear in the filters.

  67. Olha só! Massa elogiando os Pirelli enquanto Alonso e outros detonam a pobre borracha! hahaha…Queria tanto ver o Massa detonando o Alonso esse ano…Abraço!Thiago@thiagowil

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  69. I reckon you are quite dead on with that.

  70. Hi, Ladies! I love your picture in the garden, KD! So lovely! And I have also put Identity Crisis on my list of books to read, the story sounds like fun!Happy Valentines Day to both of you Beautiful, Naughty Ladies!XoxoRose

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  75. – I don’t mind it. Definitely not what people expected. To be honest, the last time I’ve seen Bioware do a “good” game ending with lots of closure it was the original Dragon Age although the first Mass Effect was short, sweet, and generally upbeat. Anyway, back to the ME3 ending. it doesn’t ruin the game for me although I AM curious where Bioware goes from here.

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  78. Easy there 2gun. Packer fans are people too. Terribly misguided and sometimes jealous of those of use lucky enough to be born outside of Wisconsin, but people nonetheless.

  79. “wake up folks. as long as credit is cheap and plentiful the party will go on.”Richard,Sound like the roaring 20′s to me. In conjunction with this, what are the future implications for inflation/dollar if we continue on this reckless path of cheap credit??? Oh wait, we already know. The sophisticated investors of the world telling us. They are selling dollars and buying gold. What do you know that they are missing???

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  81. You have insurance for the right reasons…to commit fraud? Leave America! It is people like you who have messed this country up with the idea that consequences for your mistakes are someone else’s responsibility…

  82. Emma – I hope your mindfulness/meditation classes are a source of inspiration and focus for you! I know how important it has been for me. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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  85. , don't wnat to make you jealous. Maybe it wasn't meant to be? We were going to holiday in Cyprus in April this yr (my last hol for a while as I was 2wks preg then) we even arrnaged for my mum to come. The Icelandic Volcano eruption prevented us from going. As people have said, wasn't menat to be! I intend my next hol to be Rhodes in Greece – maybe in a few yrs time! (Sigh!) Baby is now 2wks old and can't see a hol anywhere anytime soon!

  86. Hiya Cindy,Do you think there might be a stand alone vid by next Fri? The resin technique is not for me, and I’ll need a project for that day… *big grin*BTW, I love the Faux Leopard Cane…so simple, yet so cool looking..!!Thanks for all you do,~Lisa :)

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  96. Geese1 / Big thanks for picking this series up! I was really enjoying it when the previous group scanlating it just up kind of disappeared (no releases since July) so I’m really grateful that you guys decided to continue with it.

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  98. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

  99. All GREAT Ideas Martha! Thank you for putting so much thought into it! (as a thank you, if one of your comments about the use of the feather earrings as a fundraiser is the winner – I’ll also include YOUR CHOICE of ANY one piece of jewelry on our site!)

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  103. I think he just predicted something big like everyone else, i have a hard time thinking 2012 would be the end of days. All these prophets sucha s the Maya, Nostradamus, and others… i think all it is something big to happen.

  104. Ãœbrigens hat Rajko eben im Radio nochmal schön zusammengefasst, warum der Film der Reinfall des Jahres – und damit keine 5,5/10 wert ist ;)… Und er soll ganz gemeines Mendes-Bashing betrieben haben. Mal sehen, ich hör mir mal demnächst den Podcast an… 😉

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