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  2. he-he:) she got under your skin, didn’t she? Lena is pretty much a hipster idol.. all about irony; if you didn’t like her Golden Globe look – ‘Girls’ is definitely a no-go:D:D you’d be amazed:DI don’t fancy her style either.. never understood the worse-the better approach:)

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  4. Owszem, nie znam tego. W PO jednak, gdzie wcale nie musi byc az tak odmiennie, trzymaja jezyk za zebami. Dlaczego? Ano pewnie kasa misiu. Czyli, przypuszczam, daja zarobic takim Coryllusom. Czy chcielibysmy by PiS byl identyczny? Niektorzy zapewne tak, stad zadymiaja. Znow wiec skorzystam z okazji by przytoczyc amerykanskie « Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em ». Autorowi do sztambucha.

  5. Apologies to those who have read this advice before, I realise it doesn’t make me look good.But that’s not why I posted it. I actually think it will be useful for young teams to read – many have not seen it before, because Wal and Dave Trott’s blogs (while both excellent) are relatively new and don’t yet have the readership that this blog does.

  6. And to think I was going to talk to someone in person about this.

  7. Thank you..Question for a country such as Canada, would I just have hreflang="fr-ca"? Also why in the example is the "en" alternate listed after the "de" when you already have it listed as the ""?Thank you :)

  8. This is way better than a brick & mortar establishment.

  9. Thanks – it took a lot of testing to get the right taste! It’s at it’s best if you can find some really nice garlicky Italian-style sausages. Let me know what you think when you try it!

  10. you wanted to have a camera that could take good videos in case you found yourself in a similar situation. Just want to point out, that if you had tried to video these guys, they probably would have killed you. So, I am quite glad you did not try to photograph these guys. I commend you for conversing with them and trying to understand them on their own terms. That doesn’t mean you sympathize or agree with them. What you do is in the best tradition of people who travel for culture. Cheers!

  11. tu as beaucoup d’intersections, de feux rouges, de bouchons parechoc contre parechoc, de véhicules qui déboîtent en face de toi, etc…. en avion ?tu pourrais même parfois t’endormir que ça ne présenterait pas grand danger… en voiture, quelques secondes d’inattention peuvent faire beaucoup de dégâts, l’exemple est particulièrement mauvaisquand on parle à quelqu’un, à fortiori quelqu’un qui n’est même pas présent dans le véhicule, on est inévitablement moins attentif à ce qu’il se passe sur la route, autour de notre véhicule.

  12. Hola! saludos soy de Mexico, la nota esta genial, oies siempre he tenido la duda porque a los japoneses no les gusta que escupamos, sabes el porque??

  13. Nej! De har några år på nacken och tanken på att göra bättre finns nog hos många. Hade vi haft ett handlingskraftigt riksförbund så är hade det funnits sådana och bättre. Detta får vara en god början. Bättre än inget.

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  15. Why thank you so much, I’m honored! My mother was raised Methodist and converted (ha ha – there’s no conversion process) to Baptist when she married my Dad. My Dad had no problem swearing, but he served in the Navy.

  16. Yep. What the script kiddies are doing is exactly what is expected. Anonymous is being trapped and they dont even see it happening. Honeypot and caging has always worked and always will.

  17. I think it's called a "constitution" that was supposed to protect us from these government overreaches?Women have no interest in the constitution. Feminist law contains more violations of the constitution than all other laws combined.Slavery, debtor's prison, and modern-day lynchings (see : Duke Lacrosse) all exist in America today, as long as the recipient is a man and the person ordering it is a woman.

  18. I have been mixing 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup spinach and water to mix it. It's been yummy! definitely be trying your recipe. I just started it a week ago and have felt more energy right away.

  19. D….I had a tingle of the same feeling of wanting another when I saw these GORGEOUS pictures. I LOVE the cheesecloth and the colors, the bowl, the run, the accessories….and those babies….just melted my heart.You seriously rocked this shoot…..just FANTASTIC!xoxoDita

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  21. · I love hearing you talk about your dad! It makes me smile to see (or hear) relationships evolve. When it comes to family, it’s always interesting to see since you’re obviously bonded but it STILL requires maintenance.

  22. Link udah aku pasang nih mas…Salam———Iya, Mas, makasih banyak ya…Link Mas Ibnu Fajar juga sudah saya pasang, hehe…

  23. I was pulling for both Katee and Joshua to either win so I extremely pleased by the final results. I think Joshua is amazing for probably being the least trained in the group. thanks for getting me hooked.

  24. mexico solo será libre cuando logre la autarquia suficiente para medirse bajo los apices de su propia ley y no del extranjero(ausland). las condiciones para ellos distan muchisimos de latinoamerica aun y si seguimos pensando asi jamas la alcanzaremos! vos bien lo dijiste argentina!!! es una cuestion dialectica!!

  25. You make things so clear. Thanks for taking the time!

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  27. 5 years from now its going to be awkward explaining to the oldest you were 14 when he was born. Gives me time to figure out the equation. That I know what the answer is supposed to be, I can spin the logic.Happy Birthday my Dear!

  28. I’m impressed you should think of something like that

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  31. What a pleasure to find someone who thinks through the issues

  32. Now that’s subtle! Great to hear from you.

  33. Kan det bero pÃ¥ att det säljer? Tjejer väljer tydligen att spendera sina pengar där trots att det ”befäster könsroller”

  34. Mold, why don't you be a good patriot & comrade, and go ahead & kick the bucket, so we won't all be burdened with paying to keep your parasitic ass alive?Can you feelerate it?

  35. Je prends ceci très au sérieux: Notez la question de Krugman qui rejoint l’argumentation de Greg sur l’absence de logique dans la politique des Républicains. « So how did we get to the point where one of our two major political parties isn’t even trying to make sense? »

  36. Hahaha. That is a fantastic rain-cape!It is a rather odd "tip", to wear silk to a picnic. The Independent's fashion pages are just as silly, though.

  37. Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flabbergasting.

  38. Stephan Hill wont even be playing. And he sure wasnt the right pick in the draft for us. Jenkins will be fine when he puts on a few pounds and builds some upper body strength.

  39. I am pretty sure that an email to that site’s host would get that trash tossed off their server.Are you sure there’s nothing in the CC license that allows you to limit use of your products to legal sites?You can always throw up a disclaimer for anyone who wanders over to your site from his, so they can learn there is no affiliation between you and him. Throw up, heh.

  40. …Quoi de neuf ,!…Docteur ,!… …c’est plus grave ,!…que les plafonds de verre ,!… …c’est de la  » peste d’esprit « , dans les raisonnements ,!… …tout  » azimut « ,!… …un  » ange  » à côté « , de chaque individu ,!…au moins , …je regrette , je dois penser a moi  » aussi « ,!… …chacun pour soi , et Dieu pour tous ,!… …Ciao , les hérétiques  » drogués « ,!… …recommandiables ,!…du terroir , de bien de chez-nous ,!

  41. Kudos, Jerry !!!Mike Francesa = “talk-radio bloviator” … Spot on, Mate !!! Mike is all about Mike and more than sometimes he’s as out in left field as Billy Packer was … the difference is that CBS got smart where NBC and YES have not !!!I annually take particular umbrage with Francesa when his talk show devotes only a modicum of time to March Madness … even when there are local teams playing !!! Right on, Mate !!!

  42. Stéphane, Wana et Gaston (de chez Gaston)Pour en rajouter dans le pastiche, qui* aurait pu dire :Martyr, c’est chancir un peu (?).* Un indice : ce n’est pas Opalka…

  43. Interesting criticism – especially as you described our rope as “looks to be a climbing or boat rigging rope…TERRIBLE for bondage”. I agree that such rope is terrible for bondage, which is why the rope in that picture (indeed, the only rope we ever use) is purchased at twistedmonk.com

  44. Yup, and not just cars, she actually almost completely destroyed civil aviation,and handed all of us over to the insurance companies ,which has cost this country and all of us more than we could have imagined. The Carter years were the true beginning of the end for this country.

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  46. .When Chuck Todd asked her if this was the most qualified woman the Republicans could nominate, Noonan responded, “The most qualified? No. I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives. Every time the Republicans do that, because that’s not where they live and that’s not what they’re good at, they blow it.”Murphy characterized the choices as “cynical” and “gimmicky.”She’s right.

  47. It's the way of any bureaucracy (i.e., more and more money for overhead), plus universities are notorious for paying their support staff much lower than the academics, which is probably appropriate, but I would attribute some of this to a simple leveling of the field (I'm speaking of your own institution). Another factor would be the ever increasing complexity of the facilities. If universities are going to do cutting edge 21st century technological research, then they need 21st century technological facilities, and you don't build or maintain these facilities without a highly paid technologically proficient staff.

  48. anything about any particular girls you have liked so i would say you are just worrying about nothing. lots of people lose their sex drives for many different reasons. but i would say that no you are not a lesbian. good luck with that marriage and that family i hope everything works out for you!

  49. Vix, you look amazing! Thanks for sharing your good times with us. I'm enchanted by the table, the food, the bindi, your friends and the chandelier. What a great piece!!!

  50. An dieser Stelle möchte ich kurz innehalten und klären: Worauf bezieht sich eigentlich Ihr Konservatismus? Conservare … was genau möchten Sie bewahren? Die Natur? Die ökologische Vielfalt? Das fortgesetzte, grenzenlose Wirtschaftswachstum? Die technologische Spitzenposition Mitteleuropas? Den biologischen Fortbestand der eigenborenen Völker Europas? Das Christentum? Die deutsche Sprache? Die traditionelle Wiener Küche?Was?

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  57. Sadly, the lovely “hsgdmfofn” probably didn’t read your post re reporting and will be scratching his head…. UGH!? I on the other hand, laughed so hard at this I spilled my coffee all over my desk! NWN = Legend! You made my morning

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  66. « Unauthority » is a damned stupid made-up word. In my English (and the Queen’s), « un » means negation, and yet you mean a type of authority. Same for « undomain ». It means a domain, not a non-domain.Let me suggest a simple substitution here of « ur » for « un », so that we have « urauthority » and « urdomain ».

  67. aku sll jmpe kete Waja polis tersadai tepi jln sejak akhir2 nih.. byk dh rosak kot, biase laa.. dah 10thn gune.. kete polis bkn mcm kete kite,.. diorg pakai hari2, ronda2, kejar penjenayah, itu ini.. main redah je mne x jhnm.. dh la kete tempatan.. paham2 laa.. bkn nk perlekeh, tp kenyataan..

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  75. Slowly but surely the UK is influencing you, though, tbh, I'm UK born and bred and often cannot decide whether to use centre or center. Your way looks better I think.I'm sure Dublin will be great, I always enjoyed the RED videos last time so I'm sure yours will be superb.:)


  77. nesssssss çok güzel görünüyor yaaa , tüm tariflere Kaymakamlıktaki arkadaşlarla bakıyoruz şu an . Hepsi siteni takip edecek :) ben gerekli bilgileri verdim :) sevgiler canım mucks:)

  78. He he og dette ser du på som `noen annet motiv snart i vente bilde` :-))Skjekk de fargene da mann, rust :-) som høsten på sitt vakreste, er det rat jeg elsker begge deler. Farger som varmer så, langt inn i sjela mi i alle fall. Så får nå hele interiørverden male hvitt for min del!

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  82. "ron paul hates banksters and feds"He also hates black people too and I'm sure has no love for black dykes.But that won't stop you from kissing his ass, will it?Some of you sisters on this board are certifiable.I think I'm going to do a Facebook page on y'all.It should attract about 500 responses.

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  87. Muscle weighs more than fat. So, just because you are not losing pounds doesn’t mean you’re not losing inches! Don’t get discouraged, keep up the good work!

  88. This is so disheartening and it’s a huge reason why I hated sports growing up. Makes me wonder if I’ll encourage my kid to do karate instead of team sports. Which sucks because I know there are a lot of positives about learning to work as part of a team. As an aside, my coworker is out of commission because she was headbutted by another soccer player. She has a concussion and contusions on her face. I haven’t heard the full story yet, but really, can that level of injury occur by accident? It’s nuts.

  89. Thought it wouldn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

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  94. Blaine, I think if Superman could somehow get a hold of Hulk long enough to fly him into the atmosphere or just toss him up in space, then he wouldn’t be able to breathe, and then Superman would win. Of course, if Hulk fell back to Earth, then, we’d all lose like the dinosaurs when the astroid hit. This is taking kryptonite out of the fight, of course. (I live in a house of nerd heroes and love them madly.)

  95. Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  96. Blombågen är så fin, och mycket romantisk. På sommaren har jag hatt på sjön, mest som skydd för solen. Men det är snyggt med hatt.KramarAnnaMaria

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  100. God, I feel like I should be takin notes! Great work

  101. Good points all around. Truly appreciated.

  102. Respekt till dig som verkar ha en kämpaglöd och vilja av stål. Du har verkligen gjort ett avtryck i denna värld. Man funderar och funderar och vill skriva något bra, men orden känns futtiga och räcker inte till. Önskar det finns mer tid för dig med dina kära.

  103. I know this “I hate JZ” is big right now, but did Bravo get rid of Danielle or Atlanta crazies? Flooding bravo with comments about how much people hate Jill assures her coming back. Swallow your pride and make nice!

  104. You have so many great ideas. I love the colored rods, the trays and lamp shade is divine. Those three specifically are also really affordable. It's good to see even on a budget, you can do so much. Now if only I had the energy!

  105. HiSounds like the perfect plan, if you can find the buyers and the properties in the first place. I don’t doubt for a minute that if you and your partner have got the skills you could make it work – although I wonder if problems with property prices in the UK won’t cause a slowdown in the number relocating for a while.If you are good with french that would be a big plus when you come to negotiating with estate agents, notaires, builders etcGood luck with it and keep us informed!

  106. Thanks for being on point and on target!

  107. haha, I’m with FC – there’s something brilliantly entertaining about WAG fashion.Grateful though I am that VB has moved on to real style, I still think she deserves credit for really raising the stakes in the tacky WAG fashion game back in the day.

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