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Etoiles de mer

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Etoiles de mer

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  1. Certaines personnes vous donnnent envie de vous désespar, d’autres envie de les fuir.Toi tu nous donnes envie de êver, de voyager, tu éclaires nos écrans d’un grand soleil,qui manque peut-être en Belgique, mais que ton sourire et ton talent compensent largement.

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  8. Israelin erottaa muista Lähi-Idän maista se, että siellä sentään saa järjestää pride-marsseja ja poliisi suojelee niitä. Muslimimaissa sellaisia on turha yrittääkään pitää, niistä seuraa kuolemantuomio melko varmasti.

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  16. Since 2/3 of the American people supported the war, perhaps they were all doing it for Israel. Maybe there’s more Jews out there than anyone can imagine.

  17. hach, das waren noch zeiten. ich erinnere mich an die ständige berieselung durch carter usm von dir und den anderen – da musste man zwangsläufig mitmachen… ich hoffe du hast nicht nur erinnerungen hoch, sondern auch für deine frau gekocht (die hat es sich ja verdient!)

  18. Hey, Franc. I like the look of your blog and I loved your ten rules for Europeans (though we have to talk…). I’m trying to read the other articles, but when I click on the ellipsis after the teaser I get nowhere. Is there a secret code?Petó,Mary Ann

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  20. To me success is being happy with who you are and what you have done. Anything past that is just gravy. I was once shown in a group how too many people put things in the way of being happy, like having to have this or that and it finally made sense to be happy first.

  21. What a nice picture! That’s one of the pleasures of living in Canada: winters! It feels so peaceful to look at a beautiful white blanket of snow, still untouched! Thank you for this relaxing image… :-)

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  23. "os 100% Briosa que lá estiveram foram muitos mais que os vimaranenses."mas algum dia há 6000 100% Briosa em Coimbra? Se há, então porque é que as assistências da AAC são sempre uma miséria? Não te enterres mais. (vá censura este comment)

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  26. OMG Anunshay this is such a sweet blog! This brought tears to my eyes. I am one of those 20-year-old’s yapping away about how I do not want to have kids. Maybe one day I will grow up to be like you! You are awesome and I can’t wait to see your baby!

  27. Thanks Chris, i will check out that book.Hopefully more smaller blogs (and by smaller I mean less than 100 links, and over say 25,000 on Technorati) will do likewise and kick some of these bullies off their blogrolls.

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  30. Here it is:As a Pentecostal, I’m not too thrilled with the way kids from my denomination are depicted in Jesus Camp. Matter of fact, this new documentary ticks me off—for a number of reasons.By Rich Tatum | posted 09/20/06Rich.

  31. I’m not explaining myself well. White people get wary in a number of circumstances. Lower caste whites, Hispanics, blacks, people who use drugs, or even just people who are dressed weird. It’s not specific to blacks alone.

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  36. Hi Stick,I just discovered your blog today and have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. This recipie is similar to one I’ve been making for the trail for years but the Knorr veggies look like a simple and tasty addition. One thing you might try is adding a one ounce single serving package of peanut butter and reduce (or not) the peanuts to 2 ounces. This adds some body and more peanut taste to the dish. I also add some red pepper flakes to taste (after all, it is Thai).Happy trails,Matt

  37. Obama should be impeached for the crime of public corruption. Sure, Capitol Hill is rife with corruption but Obama and his allies resemble the mafia more than the typical sleazy politico.

  38. professor! da para fazer silogismos de uma forma directa ( e sera que existe?)e nao usando metafora de um instrumentalismo perigoso, para alguns dos teus leitores assiduos como eu. o filosofo e escritor Raul honwana a quando do apadrinhamento da minha tese de licenciatura escreveu: « uma mentalidade de prática crítica aceita a tensão das exigências perpetuamente irreconciliáveis de reflexão e acção ».

  39. no Brasil também falava-se TAÇA DO MUNDO (a taça do mundo é nossa, com brasileiro, não há quem possa)esse negócio de COPA é invenção da Globo… copa prá mim é tipo cozinha e olhe lá.

  40. Real golf should be like mini golf. I’d love to see Tiger Woods hit the ball through a dinosaur’s mouth or a little windmill.Richard, please excuse my ignorance, but how long have you done « Cul de Sac » for the Post magazine?Love the watercolors BTW

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  42. I think this article overanalyzes CNNs problem. The reason is that people are tired of left-wing propaganda. Americans are too independently minded, to be treated as sheep. MSnbc is having the same problems. Most people are content to get their news from multiple sources on the internet and form their own opinion. Personally I think that is better than getting your news from the propaganda arm of the DNC(CNN/MSnbc).

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  44. I'm excited to have a new place to bitch about my kids. Does this mean I need to tell my stories about Pooh's and Peep's fuckery here exclusively, or can I still do that on Crasstalk?

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  49. to expand on the « welfare momma with 5 kids get a point taken away », I would like to see it taken a step further.We take that vote, and actually remove it from the candidate being chosen by her. Why? Because that usually means that she supports the candidate that in reality promotes these welfare momma’s living off our tax dollars.

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  62. I love watching movies that have rainy scenes while it is raining…inside of course. Now Quinn, HE would be out there with you all getting stinky wet and sloppy. Glad you had a great time!

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  64. Its’ funny after just reading the Olympics comments by me and others, It seems to be as if China reaching space is kind of like China hosting the Olympics. What better way to celebrate your arrival on the world stage than go the moon. I guess that might be part of why we have to go back. I mean we haven’t been there in a while people may have forgotten.

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  71. girl my life has been good…aside from a few little life challenges, i’ve been blessed a million times over. i was born and raised in a christian home, asked jesus into my heart as a little girl and married the man of my dreams. i share my home with the sweetest girls and get to do what i love. sometimes i don’t feel like i deserve all i’ve been blessed with. He’s been so good to me.

  72. Great stuff (as is Ingalls’s “seven give or take” lecture on google video).Sometimes this sort of interview is like hearing from people who were around at the big bang.For anyone who, like me, knows what bitblt does -but has never really understood why its original implementation was so significant -Allen Wirfs-Brock puts it in context -oh i see nowPete F

  73. Love this! I had a chance to visit someone in my area some years back who has wolves. At the time I was there, she had 1 beautiful black male and 1 white female. They are so impressive when you can see them up close.

  74. The onion shaped domes on Temple Sinai were damaged during the storm and not rebuilt. (See pictures in Digital Library or Maude Reid’s scrapbooks in McNeese Library.)

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  77. Yes, that is probably what how the conversation went between those two. Snoopy, I think the title of Mel Brooks next comedy will be:"Springtime for Mahmoud and Hugo"!

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  81. Bristol is an amazing young woman, who has shown the world what a beautiful and talented person she is. Congrats to making the best of life….Don’t sweat the small stuff….like the horrible lady Katy Couric and other such stupid news commentators. They are just creeps….Bristol, you are a hero to many Americans….and we all wish you the absolute best for the future, Go Bristol Go!

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  90. If Whitlow has been 2nd string since L’ville game, why has he not learned more than 10% of the playbook? If Max Smith is still injured, why in the world did they think he would have been able to play last week? Why did they wait til Thursday to get Newton ready? All of these are coaching qualities that are being ignored. Why?

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  94. Why don't these goofballs go and protest about Al Shabab not allowing aid to Somalians? Oh, I know why, because Al-Shabab would shoot them on sight! Where is the flotilla for the starving Muslims of Somalia? Where!?

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  105. I had assumed that devices wouldn't simply connect because of the same SSID, but if they do, that is indeed problematic. Shouldn't they be able to use the router's MAC to restrict the connection, though?

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